Knob SIZE ……. SC    [Magnum]
When I refer to the different size knob I’m referring to the diameter of the round ball portion
of the knob. It is the maximum dimension across the ball, not the height!
SC knobs have a ~2.1″ diameter Also known in the industry as “Magnum” size     Metal Knobs weigh 6 oz……. Wood Knobs weigh 3 oz ……  Miata OEM knobs weigh 7.5 oz
Shifter thread PATTERN …….
By Shifter Threads  I mean the actual cut of the shifter shaft, ya know the hard thing that the knob screws down on to ……
All manual Miatas, regardless of year, are 10mm X 1.25 pitch … this is the “Thread Pattern” of the shifter shaft. Nissan MAXIMA are also 10mm X 1.25 pitch and can be fitted with a Team Voodoo metal knob!
Honda S2000 have 10mm x 1.50    Toyota MR2 are 12mm X 1.25      CJ-7 Jeeps have  3/8″ X  16 pitch shifter threads.
To make a custom wood knob I will need to know the threads ….. can not make ‘slip fit’ knobs or automatic knobs with ‘lockout’ buttons!
Gearshift knob indexing:
Indexing a knob” means to mark the proper orientation ‘front to back’ on your knob before sending it to Quality Images for engraving. To do so,  just make a mark for ‘front’ and ‘back’ with a small piece of tape on the knob so I can properly orient the knob in my laser. [Any masking tape or even ‘scotch tape’ will do …… just so it won’t fall off in transit.]  That way, after you get the engraved knob back, it will fit on your car perfectly oriented!
This procedure will eliminate the need for “Locktite®” or other similar products to lock the knob in the proper position. The down side of this procedure is the extra time in transit!
Getting  Engraved designs on a knob to orient correctly:
To orient a “Knobmeister” or other engraved knob on your vehicle. First try seating the knob by screwing it down on the shaft, and if your lucky, the design will seat correctly. Use moderate force but don’t over muscle it as you might strip the knobs internal threads or cross thread the shaft! This may work, but as most people find out ….. 80% of the time the design will be off to some degree [Indexing before engraving is best! See above.]
To correct the orientation. You can use a non-permanent “Locktite®” such as #242. Its a ‘blue colored’ solution in a red container.  NEVER NEVER use a permanent formula as sometime in the future you will want to remove the knob for maintenance or to upgrade. You then will need a set of pipe wrenches to remove the knob which most assuredly ruin the knob!
Another solution is to obtain a good old fashioned #2 pencil  and break off the eraser and insert into the knobs threads. The abrasive will act as a lock nut and the rubber will act as a cushion allowing the design to be front to back!
Another method is to wrap the shaft with Teflon® plumbers tape available at any hardware store. This will work to get the design correct but the knob might move when the tape gets hot from driving or being out in the direct sun.
Gaps between knob and boot:
Most knob applications, both my wood knobs and Team Voodoo® metal knobs are designed to fit down to the shifter boots both vinyl and leather. If there is a gap between them most likely the ring on the top of the boot has stretched out with wear or age. To correct this, just put a few rubber bands under the boot to bring it up tight with the knob. [You will have to do this by removing the console and placing the rubber bands on the shaft first then reinstall the console. It’s easy as it just involves 5 “Phillips head” screws!]
Other aftermarket vendors offer a “Knob Collar” made of spun metal. These will work for standard Team Voodoo® Metal knobs but may not fit my wood knobs as their base is too thick.
Metal Knob Engraving Color:
Can’t engrave Team Voodoo® knobs in color.
When I engrave them, the “white” color shown on a black knob is just the base metal showing. Coloring with a paint etc. has been unacceptable. The  added “color” wears out too quickly.  ‘Pearl’ engraved knobs are enhanced with an “aluminum anodizing solution” that makes the engraving darker but only comes out BLACK  not colored!
Polished, Spun and Titanium engraved knobs are always left “plain” as that gives the best results!

Wood Knob Maintenance:
To keep your “KNOBmeister” knob looking like the day you received it you must keep it clean just as you would any painted surface on your car. Just clean it with a mild dish soap and warm water and a soft cloth. Dry the
knob thoroughly then apply some Meguires® #70 Vinyl treatment buffing the knob out with another soft cloth. This restores ‘Slick’ surface to the surface. You’ll need to buff it some what so it’s not TOO slick!
The dark gunk that develops on the knobs is a combo of dirt, suntan lotion skin oil and sweat. You need to clean it with the same care you use on your car’s finish! “Fantastik®” all purpose cleaner works well as long as you rise off the cleaner with water after application. Windex® works also!
Refinishing a KNOBmeister Wooden Knob:
To refinish a ‘KNOBmeister’ knob just clean the knob of the gunk etc. then sand with a fine sandpaper. I like the 220 wet and dry variety then use a 500 grit till all the finish is removed. You can then re-coat the knob with a polyurethane clear spray. I like ‘Delft®’ which can be obtained from any ‘home center’. Use at least 5 coats. Dry for the recommended times as per instructions on the can! Sanding between the coats!
Knob Inserts work in Momo Knobs?:
Many people ask me if the metal inserts for knobs that I make will fit MOMO knobs. The answer is I’m not sure …… they were not designed to retro-fit that brand of aftermarket knobs. They were designed by me for my own manufacturing of new wooden knobs and are offered for those that want to custom make their own wooden knobs and want to skip the step of producing the inserts! Try them if you want …… but no guarantees that they will fit without modification!
Where to put a DashPlaque?:
Many people ask me where to put the Special and Limited Edition DashPlaques. My advise is to install it anywhere you’d like! Most people tell me that they install them just behind the Console on the flat plate behind the seats. [It’s really the only ‘flat’ spot in the Miata!] Others install them on the right side if the dash or on the console itself. The plates are .25″ thick acrylic and are flat and have a 3M adhesive backing so they wont bend!
Be creative!  Heck …. mount one on your Laptop of you like!
I use CorelDRAW-Graphics Suite X7 on a Dell PC for my Universal Systems 50 watt CO2 Laser. This program uses CDR files but I am able to use both vector and raster files.
Artwork can be sent ‘Email’ as  BMP  EPS  TIF  GIF  WMF  PCX  JPG and a few others!
It’s best if a copy of the original art can be sent. [Less work for me that way!]  Much easier for me to convert!
Worse case, just send me the art “snail mail” and I can scan it!
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New Policy on Shipping Charges:
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License Plate Frame Engraving Color:
The LPF in SS are all laserblasted to a gray matte. Subtle looks.
The web page does give the impression that they are BLACK, I have fixed the web site to correct the impression! I have used a Molybdenum Tri-Oxide solution on a few frames that had to be with a black image. This is a pain, as the solution itself is $500.00/lb for the permanent marking. [Gun blue does NOT work on Stainless steel!]
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